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Each entry will be relevant to the designated categories. These highlight the difference achievements that can be made in the community and in the business world.


The nomination categories are:

New Business of the Year          
This award is for a business which has been successfully operating for approximately 24 months and was set up despite the tough business climate.

Food Establishment of the Year
This category awards restaurant or take away owners. Someone who has used their Asian background and heritage to create culinary delights to tantalise the nations taste buds.

Small Business of the Year
This award recognises a non retail business that continues to grow, while remaining true to its small enterprise role. Open to businesses with less than 10 employees.

Retail Business of the Year
This award recognises a successful retailer who has managed to sustain and grow a business within the retail sector. This may involve one store or multiple stores.

Best Professional in Business
The best professional business rewards an individual from the professional sector who has created and executed a business successfully, making the transition into the business world. This includes dentists, opticians, accountancy practices and veterinarians.

Family Run Business
This category recognises the success and strength of a family run business due to the hard work and dedication of the family members.

Business of the Year
This award recognises the enterprise that has come on leaps and bounds over the last year and thus unequivocally dominated its corner of the market.

The Abid Bashir Entrepreneur of the Year Award
This award brings to light the incredible achievements of an individual whose entrepreneurial spirit, and drive, has propelled them to success. This person will also lead and set examples to others and show that boundaries must be pushed at all times to achieve success regardless of the hurdles.
This award is not just about financial success but also recognises tenacity.

Convenience Retailer of the Year
This award recognises the very best in convenience retailing.  This may involve one store or multiple stores.

Online Business of the Year
The category rewards and recognises an online business, which the majority of day-to-day activity and business success is conducted through an online channel. This could be a new business that trades online or one that’s recently moved online and is now seeing success as a result. This included businesses who solely trade online and also businesses who trade elsewhere but have an online presence.

Best Micro Enterprise
This awards recognises a mirco enterprise, this can be an individual who runs their business from home or from a small premise.

Best Marketing Strategy
The best marketing campaign award recognises those who promote continuously, weather it is the promotions they run to the events they hold! This award recognises those who's out of the box thinking adopts creative marketing strategies, giving their brand the edge over others

SME Businesswoman of the Year
This award recognises a businesswoman who is still quiet early on in their career however have grown their brand and network and are recognised locally.

SME Businessman of the Year
This award recognises a businessman who is still quiet early on in their career however have grown their brand and network and are recognised locally.

Young Achiever of the Year
This award recognises an entrepreneur who has achieved business success at a young age. Through determination and grit they have demonstrated age is not a barrier to business success. Open to anyone under the age of 30.

Rising Star Award
This award recognises a dedicated individual who works within a business and has strived to maximise opportunities and has strategically helped the business move forward and gain competitive advantage.

Professional of the Year
The category recognises a professional who has excelled in their chosen field, be it medical, legal, or the accounting sector. This would be someone who works within an organisation or government body.

The Chhokar Family Legacy Spirit of Scotland
The Spirit of Scotland recognises that success cannot be measured in monetary terms alone. Positively impacting lives and making a tangible difference is in itself is a vast accomplishment. Those achievements which leave a legacy of positive change to carry forward into the future should therefore be held in the highest esteem.


Diversity Champion
The Diversity Champion award recognises a large multinational organisation who has put the diversity agenda at the top or their priorities.
Inspirational Personality of the Year
This category rewards an individual who has stepped out of their comfort zone and is tirelessly helping others in a voluntary capacity. This could someone from a business or a non business background.

Best in Civil/Third Sector
This award celebrates and rewards those who have achieved success in the civil services, armed forces, national and government institutions.

You can post your entries to:
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